About Shaneeswara Ksheathram

The Shaneeswara Ksheathram and the Navagraha Peedam. This is unique and is the only Ksheathram in Kerala (which is located at Kuruppumthara, Kanjirathanam P.O.Kottayam Dist. Kerala-686603) dedicated to Lord Shaneedev where he is a blessing God having "Abhayahastham". There is a misconception that there are Shani Shrines located in various places in Kerala.The greatness of the Shaneeswara Ksheathram is attributed to the unique idol of Lord Shani as he stands blessing the devotee Abhayahastham. more>>

Our Festivals

Shani Amavasya

The importance of Shaneshchara Amavasya lies in the fact that out of the rays of the Sun. God, ....

Shani Jayanthi

his is considered as the birth day of God Shani. And this is celebrated with great devotion and happiness.

Transit Of Shani

AUSPICIOUS TIMES: on According to astrology, Shaneeswaran moves from one sign (house) to the ...


Deewali is also considered as a precious and performed Spacial Deepa Kazhcha and Shasra...